This post is just a quick message about how to patch guacamole 0.9.14 Docker container to support the latest mysql docker container.

The Problem

I don’t understand the deep details but I’ll do my best to describe it as I understand it.  That is to say, the mysql/mysql:latest container uses version 8.0.11  (at least, as of this posting).  As of MySQL v8.x, the mysql authenication in the mysql odbc driver changed.  Alas, the container for guacamole/guacamole:latest (which is version 0.9.14 as of this posting) doesn’t have this latest odbc driver.  In short, the communication from guacamole and mysql just won’t work.


The Solution

I’ve developed a “patch” for the guacamole container.  Basically you download the odbc driver that works with MySQL’s new authentication method and install it into your guacamole container.  I’ve build a solution and posted it on GitHub (  This repository provides a Docker Compose build that will patch the guacamole container.

According to a post I saw from the Guacamole team (sorry, but I don’t remember the URL) they aren’t going to “patch’ the guacamole/guacamole container.  They plan on fixing this in the next release (0.9.15?).  All this said, my blog post will only be valid/useful until this permanent fix is created.  Afterwhich this blog is pointless.