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Using Variables in EEM Applets

The Problem The use of EEM scripts (or applets) on Cisco IOS-based devices has been a round for a while now.  However, I found a use case just today that I couldn't directly get a answer to using a search engine.  (Google was not my friend today.)  🙂 By searching...

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Redundant Internet Access for SOHO Networks

As the Internet continues its ever forward march deeper into our lives it is necessary to ensure that we don’t lose access to it. Thus many companies, large and small alike, maintain redundant Internet connections. Many of these sites utilize private addresses on...

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Zone-Based Firewalling on Cisco IOS

Though Cisco's Zone-Based Firewall (ZBF) method of securing networks via IOS (a router) has been around for several years I decided it was time to do a through study of the technology and do a write-up. Introduction The general premise to ZBF is to put a router's...

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